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09.2003 - Budapest

Around the Danube river. The National Academy of Sciences, Chain Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge (Elisabeth Bridge) and the Parliament.

09.2003 - Monok, Boldogkõ, Szerencs

Biking around small villages and towns in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county-t and the Zemplén-mountains. Churches, castles, the forest, monuments, the railway station and sunsets.

06.2004 - Budapest

One of Europe's most beautiful capitals lying on two sides of the Danube. Cityscapes, photos of modern and old buildings, churches, bridges such as the famous Chain Bridge (Lánchíd). Heroes' Square (Hõsök tere) and the Parliament.

06.2004 - Forest and mountains of Buda

Flora of forests around Budapest. Trees, Leafages, trunks and bushes. Shots of horse-training in a cavalier school.

27.06.2004 - Esztergom, Párkány (Sturovo)

The Basilica of Esztergom (Esztergomi Bazilika), this beautiful town on the bank of the Danube (Duna) River, the Bridge of Sturovo (Párkány-híd) and the demonstrative release of sterlet or sturgeon fishes into the river organized by the Hungarian WWF (World Wide Fund) staff.

03-04.07.2004 - Börzsöny, Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park

Region of picturesque hills and mysterious forests, which inspires Hungarians. Photos from an excursion through the forest.

08.2004 - Keszthely

The town, called the Capital of lake Balaton is home of historic buildings like the Festetich-castle, beautiful parks and generous people. The majority of the shots depict the castle and its gardens.

08.2004 - Orfû, Abaliget

One of Hungarians favourite resorts with lakes, hills, charming villages and nice cottages. Photographs of the lakes and forest of Orfû and Abaliget.

08.2004 - Pécs

The heir of the Roman town, Sopianae with calm streets, wonderful churches and historic buildings. Pictures of the Cathedral, Synagogue, the castle and the famous fence of locks.

08.2004 - Balaton

Sunset at the south coast of Lake Balaton - also called the Hungarian sea - where not only Hungarians like spending their holidays but it was popular among German, Austrian and Dutch people.

08-10.2004 - Budapest

New perspectives of the Hungarian capital, which abounds in bridges and churches. Images of Gellert-Hill, Hotel Gellert, Liberty Bridge and the Liberty Statue. Photos were taken of the Parliament and Elisabeth Bridge with the castle in the background, church of Taban and Protestant church at Szilagyi Dezso Square.

09.2004 - Balaton

Evening at the lake.

12.2004 - Debrecen

A night and day stroll in the centre of town around the Protestant Church of the main square. Also photographing the Deri Muzeum and the University Building.

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