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Costa Rica

2002-2006 - San Jose

Costa Rica's bustling capital with parks, churches, streets, lakes, houses and traffic. The suburbs feature stunning sunsets and stormy skies approached on a busride. An artistic cemetery and nightshots at different locations. As an extra you will be shown a local roller skating competition.

09-10.2002 - Punta Banco

Images of wildlife in southern Costa Rica, such as trees and plants, different species of lizards, frogs, butterflies, birds, monkeys, White-nosed Coatis, Cicada and other kind of insects, spiders and scorpions. Tropical sunsets, photos of the Guaymi Indians and Tico children. Work of the volunteers, laying sea turtles and emerging hatchling.

10.2002 - Ostional

Olive Ridley Sea Turtles and Black Vultures on Costa Rica's only mass nesting beach in Ostional National Wildlife Refuge on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

11.2002 - Playa San Miguel and Caletas Beaches

Two beautiful beaches and the Bongo River. Shots of the wildlife, e.g. lizards, sea turtles, wasps, spiders, crabs, horses, birds, Caracara, parrots, Brown Pelican, Limpkins, Egrets, palm trees, an American Crocodile and a dog. Photographic documentation of the life of the volunteers.

12.2002 - Punta Banco

Baby Olive Ridley Sea Turtles emerging from the artificial hatchery and their first steps towards the sea. A volunteer counting the eggshells of hatchling.

12.2002 - Punta Banco

A busride, ferry scene, a typical Latin American snack: fried platanos. Pictures of a dragonfly, Capuchin Monkeys, a toucan, pigs, trees and some images of the beach as well as village folks.

26.12.2002 - Irazu Volcano National Park (Volcan Irazu), Cartago, Orosi

Crater of Irazu Vulcano and its surroundings. Photos of the church and other spots of Cartago and Orosi, a rainbow, flowers and a creche.

27.12.2002 - Poas Volcano National Park (Volcan Poas), La Paz Waterfall, Colibri Viewpoint

Pictures of the cloud forest around the volcano, the La Paz Waterfall, colorful photos of hummingbirds at a cafeteria near the waterfall and a Tarantula Spider.

29.12.2002 - Monteverde

Cloud forest, Skywalk on suspended bridges in the canopy, Howler Monkeys and snakes (Bushmaster, Vine Snakes, Eyelash Viper), a parrot, trees and flowers, pictures of meals.

01.2003 - Playa del Coco Beach

Images of the fishing village and its surroundings. Beaches, sea birds, local people. Documentation of the work of the fishermen during a week's boattrip. Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, Squid, Silky Shark, Manta Ray and Dorado, lots of Dorados.

02.2003 - Playa Guiones Beach

Life of the fishermen in a tiny Costa Rican village. Pictures include rays, fishes, birds.

02.2003 - San Jose

The capital from a different angle. Black and white photography of the poorer neighborhoods and the life in the streets of San Jose.

22.02.2003 - Miravalles Volcano (Volcan Miravalles)

Trip to two waterfalls and the geysers of Volcano Miravalles.

04.2003 - Cano Island (Isla del Cano)

Beautiful island, that forms part of the Corcovado National Park. Seaside, palm trees, sunsets and the rain forest and its hidden treasure, the spherical artefacts.

25-27.04.2003 - Chirripo National Park

The Chirripo National Park, the peak of Mount Chirripo and Mount Terbi, Crestones rock formations and Mount Ventisqueros.

11.2003 - Tenorio Volcano National Park (Volcan Tenorio), Blue River (Rio Celeste)

Tenorio National Park with images of the forest, trails and the breathtaking Blue River. Life of the volunteers at the ranger station. A patrol in the rainforest in search of poachers.

11.2003 - Montezuma, Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

The touristy area of Montezuma and its waterfall. The oldest natural reserve in Costa Rica the Cabo Blanco National Park. Beaches, the forest and trees, plants and flowers, paths, streams and small cascade, some MINAE installations. Animals include the Black Iguana or Ctenosaur, Mantled Howler Monkey, Variegated Squirrel, spider, grasshopper and a Walking Stick.

12.2003 - Playa Jaco Beach, Carara National Park

Tropical sunsets on Jaco Beach. The Carara National Park and its surroundings, the Tarcoles River and Tarcoles Beach. The Carara forest is a unique crossbreed between the dry and the wet tropical rain forests.

12.2003 - Punta Banco, Talamanca Mountain Range (Cordillera Talamanca)

A few more shots of this beautiful spot in the southern part of the country. Some more sunsets and the scenery of the Talamanca Mountain Range.

01.2004 - Palo Verde National Park

Extensive documentations of the Palo Verde National Park. Pictures taken of the Nicaragua, Palo Verde and the Bocana Marsh. Sceneries from three different viewpoints. Among birds are: Black Vulture, Wood Stork, Snowy Egret. Other animals include: Vine Snake, Ctenosaur a horse and some colorful butterflies. Life of the ranger station and some glimpses from the agriculture of the region: rice cultivation, cows and calves.

01.02.2004 - Poas Volcano National Park (Volcan Poas)

Tourists watching the lake of the beautiful Volcano Poas, pictures of the crater and the caldera and some leaves from the surrounding forest.

02.2004 - Playa Caletas Beach

Conservation of Caletas Beach and the Leatherback Sea Turtles nesting there. Campsite and its people, different face of the Bongo River. Sunset from Coyote Point and the view of the beach in every possible aspect with spectacularly shaped driftwood. A boat trip in the mangrove close to the mouth of the river.

26.02.2004 - Irazu Volcano National Park (Volcan Irazu), Cartago

The volcano, its crater and the lagoon in partly cloudy weather. Agricultural farmlands and the scenery close to the entrance of the Vulcano Irazu National Park. Photography of the impressive church called "La Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles". Praying people inside the Basilica and its beautiful interiors.

02.2004 - Arenal Volcano (Volcan Arenal), Lake Arenal (Lago Arenal)

Uncommon shots of the active volcano, a glimpse into the surrounding national park, and life on the ranger station. Birdwatching tourism and visitors feeding a White-nosed Coati. Streets and the park of La Fortuna, flowers, ants, rock formations and a small tour around Lake Arenal.

08.02.2004 - Zarcero

Zarcero is famous for its elaborate topiary garden in front of the town church.

03.2004 - La Cruz, Orosi Volcano (Volcan Orosi), Ricon de la Vieja Volcano (Volcan Rincon de la Vieja)

Sceneries with volcanoes in the background, road leading to mountains, orange groves and sunsets.

03.2004 - Playa Tamarindo Beach

One of the coutry's most popular beaches, with mainly surfers, surfers and more surfers.

24.03.2004 - Lankester Gardens

A botanic garden in the neighborhood of Cartago with many species of orchids, trees, bamboos and cactus.

25.03.2004 - Barva Volcano (Volcan Barva), San Jose de la Montana, Heredia

Trekking on Barva Volcano, around Lakes (Laguna) Barva and Copey in the clouded tropical high elevation rain forest. Houses of small towns in region, like Sacramento and the church of San José de la Montaña. Main church of Heredia, La inmaculada Concepción.

28.03.2004 - Bicycle Tour around Turrialba

Biking in the mountains around Turrialba.

04.2004 - Barra Honda National Park

The Barra Honda National Park with its famous caves. A group of English ecotourists having an adventure descending into to the cavern of the main chamber and a few shots of the photographer posing as the hero of the dangerous cave.

03.2005 - Tortuguero National Park

Photos taken inside Tortuguero National Park and on the canals surrounding the region. Visit to the north to neighbouring Barra del Colorado which is alos part of the great Caribbean protected area.

04.2005 - Miramar and Zapotal

04.2005 - Piedras Blancas National Park

04-05.2005 - Guided tour around the country

The tour guided by the photographer started from San Jose, the capital. The clients went around in the country seeing the two great volcanoes of Irazu and Poas, visiting Cartago and Orosi, La Paz waterfalls and gardens. After visiting the mountain comunity of Zapotal they stayed a few nights in the Garza Bay enjoying one of the best beaches in Guanacaste, then drove on to Tenorio National Park, Monteverde, Arenal and La Fortuna. Here they marveled at the magnificent waterfall. They continued to Tortuguero to see the number of canals with the exceptional wildlife it has to offer. Eventually they concluded their journey in Puerto Limon and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

10.2005 - Samara and Buena Vista Beaches

02-03.2006 - Second guided tour around the country

05.2006 - Monkey Park Animal Sanctuary

05.2006 - Tamarindo, Conchal, Brasilito and Flamingo Beaches

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