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photo galleries
Photos of cities in Morocco
shots from Morocco
2004 - Morocco
shots from Morocco
Morocco was known as the Al-Maghreb al-Aqsa, the Farthest Land of the Setting Sun. As the closest neighbour to Western Europe for many travellers Morocco is a first shocking encounter with Africa, Islam and the developing world. The country is characterized by contrasting images, its typical colors and smells and really is a fascinating place. It provides visitors with spectacular landscapes, rich muslim culture and a stimulating assault on the senses.

Galleries: Chefchaouen, Atlas Mountains, Volubilis Roman Ruins, Meknes, Merzouga and Erg Chebbi, Todra Gorge, Marrakesh, Toubkal National Park and Jebel Toubkal


2004 - Cambodia

The successor state of the once powerful Khmer Empire, which ruled most of the Indochinese Peninsula has just emerged from decades of war and a bloody genocide. With perhaps the most impressive temple ruins in the world, untouched beaches, mighty rivers and remote forests Cambodia is on its way to become one of the more popular tourist destinations.

Galleries: Siem Riep, Ruins of Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap Lake and Sangker River, Battambang, Phnom Penh

2005 - Laos

Despite its reputation as the most heavily bombed country in the world, Laos offers pristine environment of emerald mountains and dramatic limestone peaks, criss-crossed with rivers pouring into the great Mekong. It is the gentlest, slowest and most relaxing land of all surrounding Southeast Asia, with its principal cities feeling like villages elsewhere. Slowly developing from its rural lifestyle travelers here encounter the traditional way of life almost unchanged from French occupied Indochina.

Galleries: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Tat Kuang Si Falls, Megkong by Speedboat

2006 - Turkey


Galleries: Tekirdag, Crossing the Dardanelles, Pergamon, Kusadasi and Ephesos, Pamukkale, Around Goreme, Lake Tuz (Tuz golu), Uchisar, Erciyas Dagi, Ankara, Istanbul

2005 - Vietnam

Vietnam has rich civilization, spectacular scenery and highly cultured, cordial people. While it is clear that its long torrential history of wars continue to weigh heavily on the consciousness of its people, apparently the country today is a different place. Gradually opening up to both visitors and investment it provides tourists with a peculiar feeling of a strange mix of a totalitarian regime and openness. The traveler who comes from Southeast Asia will find here something unique. Not just the sheer beauty of the country's natural setting, but as well the attitude of the Vietnamese people is what attracts visitors from far away.

Galleries: Hoi An, Thu Bon River and South China Sea

South America

2006 - Bolivia

Bolivia, South America's poorest nation stands out in its cultural heritage of the Aymara and Quechua indians. It's capital is the highest situated in the word, with snow capped mountain all around. It has the largest salt flat on Earth and part of the highest navigable lake, Titicaca.

Galleries: Titkaka Lake, Copacabana and Sun Island, La Paz

2006 - Chile

Chile is a narrow strip of land between the Pacific and the Andes. It is characterized by snowy volcanoes, lakes surrounded by high altitude mountains, barren landscapes and moonscapes, the driest dersert on Earth, salt flats and beaches. It is arguable the most developed country in South America making a huge contrast with neighbouring Bolivia.

Galleries: Lauca National Park, Arica

2005 - Colombia

In spite of the bad reputation and the stereotypes Colombia has a lot to offer as a traveler's destination. In fact it is one of the most beautiful Latin American country with great snowcapped mountains, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking sceneries, historic towns and colonial buildings, good food, moderate prices, friendly people and last but not least beautiful women.

Galleries: Bogota, Bogota-Honda, Honda, Honda-Medellin, Medellin, Rio Negro, Medellin-Cali, Cali, Cali-Bogota

2005-2006 - Ecuador

Ecuador is the land of active volcanoes and the colorful culture of its Quichua speaking indians. It is a relatively small country for its population. It is possible to admire its mountains and highland, visit the Amazonian forests and the Pacific beaches in a short period of time. It's well conserved capital, Quito is a real colonial beauty, while Guayaquil remains the most important commercial center. One on it's main attracions is the exotic Gualapagos Islands.

Galleries: Quito, Riobamba, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi

2006 - Peru

Peru, the former land of the Inkas is one of South America's main tourist drain. It boosts ancient cities like Cusco and Arequipa, ruins of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Urubamba Valley and the highest elevation lake, named Titicaca. It also stands out in volcanoes and mountains with principally the areas of the northern highlands and ranges, like the Cordillera Blanca, as well as around Arequipa and the Colca Canyon. The deserted land around Nasca and Ica offers unique archeologic sites and culture. Peru's Amazon basin is the most extensive among those of it's Pacific neighbours.

Galleries: Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, From Cusco to Puno by train, Puno, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Chachani Volcano, Nasca Lines

Central America and Caribbean

2002-2006 - Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the country of beautiful beaches, dense tropical rainforests, mountains, active and dormant volcanoes stands out not only for its high variety of vegetation and wildlife, but the friendliness of its peaceful people and the efforts they make to protect their national treasure, the envorinment.

Galleries: San Jose, Punta Banco, Ostional, Playa San Miguel and Playa Caletas Beaches, Punta Banco 2, Punta Banco 3, Irazu Volcano, Cartago, Orosi, Poas Volcano, La Paz Waterfall, Colibri Viewpoint, Monteverde, Playa del Coco Beach, Playa Guiones Beach, San Jose, Miravalles Volcano, Cano Island, Chirripó National Park, Tenorio Volcano, Blue River, Montezuma, Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, Playa Jaco Beach, Carara National Park, Punta Banco 4, Talamanca Mountain Range, Palo Verde National Park, Poas Volcano, Playa Caletas Beach 2, Irazu Volcano, Cartago, Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal, Zarcero, La Cruz, Orosi Volcano, Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, Playa Tamarindo Beach, Lankester Gardens, Barva Volcano, San Jose de la Montana, Heredia, Turrialba, Barra Honda National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Miramar and Zapotal, Piedras Blancas National Park, Eupolisz Guided Tour, Samara and Buena Vista Beaches, Second Eupolisz Guided Tour, Monkey Park Animal Sanctuary, Tamarindo, Conchal, Brasilito, Flamingo Beaches

image galleries
Royalty-free images of rural areas
shots from Cuba
2005 - Cuba
shots from Cuba
Cuba is the Caribbean's largest and least commercialised island. Its relative political isolation has prevented it from being overrun by tourists, and locals are sincerely friendly to the visitors of this country. Despite the formality of the colonial architecture, Cuba is very relaxed, even in the larger towns. The following photos are the presentation of my guest photographer Tibor Solyom.

Galleries: Havana, Trinidad, Remedios, Santa Clara, Crocodile Farm and an Indigenous Village, Soroa and Vinales, Havana

El Salvador

03.2003 - San Salvador

A manifestation for Pedro Romero, El Salvador's National Hero.

image galleries
Royalty-free images of rural areas
shots from Guatemala
2003 - Guatemala
shots from Guatemala
Colorful Guatemala is the land of Central America's highest volcanoes, most impressive ruins surrounded by dense rainforest, and a rich lively culture of indigenous Mayan people still conducting their traditional lives. After a violent 38 years civil war, the country now offers a great opportunity to discover mountains, forests, beaches and perfectly situated lakes.

Galleries: Lake Atitlan, Tikal Ruins, Guatemala City, Antigua and Pacaya Volcano

image galleries
Royalty-free images of rural areas
shots from Honduras
2003 - Honduras
shots from Honduras
Honduras, the second largest country on the Central American isthmus pleases its visitors with charming colonial towns, beautiful countryside, excellent trekking opportunities in the central highlands and postcard perfect beaches on the Caribbean Bay Islands. It's capital Tegucigalpa is a typical busy latin city still retaining some of its original colonial charm, while San Pedro Sula stays the modern hub of northern region.

Galleries: Roatan, Copan, San Pedro Sula, Choluteca

2002-2006 - Nicaragua

Nicaragua's torrential history still reflects itself in the image of the country. The poverty of its people is sometimes touching, still the genuine friendliness of the inhabitants brings more warmth to this already hot land. Highlights include the great Lake Nicaragua with its islands, volcanoes with gorgeous lagunas, layed-back colonial towns and both seas with the outstanding Corn Islands on the Atlantic side.

Galleries: Lake Nicaragua, Granada, Granada 2, Masaya Volcano and Crater Lake, San Juan del Sur, Managua, Granada 3, Matagalpa and Selva Negra, Ometepe Island and Lake Nicaragua

image galleries
Royalty-free images of rural areas
shots from Panama
2003-2006 - Panama
shots from Panama
Panama only has slightly more than 100 years of independence from Colombia and a few years of regaining control over the formerly US operated canal, but even today it is not considered belonging to Central America by other countries on the sub-continent. It's modern and bustling capital is unique among the less developed principal cities to the north. Besides the Bocas del Torro and San Blas archipelagos, its highlands and beaches, the canal itself and its numerous national parks draw more visitors every year.

Galleries: Boquete, Panama City, Bocas del Toro

North America

United States of America (USA)

09.2005 - New York

New York City Subway, Manhattan with its famous skyscrapers and buildings, around the World Trade Center Ground Zero, Saint Paul's Chapel and its cemetery, City Hall, Pier 17, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, Court House, Chinatown, the two bridges and the cityscape by night, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island, Central Park, Spanish and Black Harlem and of course yellow cabs lots of yellow cabs.


Principality of Andorra

10.2004 - Andorra la Vieja


07.2006 - Maria Worth

photo galleries
Photos of cities in Bulgaria
shots from Bulgaria
2005 - Bulgaria
shots from Bulgaria
A picturesque small country called Bulgaria has existed for more than 13 centuries in Europe, linking East and West. The country remembers ancient civilizations and great people that wrote its turbulent history. Bulgaria offers pleasures for each oneżs taste with its amazing nature, diverse flora and fauna, high mountains with marvelous gorges and caves, clear lakes and rivers, sunny beaches, healing spas, monasteries and churches, tempting cuisine and wines, friendly people and charming villages.

Galleries: Sozopol, Nesebar, Plovdiv, Bachkovo Monastery, Sofia, Rila Monastery, Koprivshtitza, Sipka, Etara, Veliko Tarnovo, Kazanlak, Madara

photo galleries
Photos of cities in France
shots from France
2004-2006 - France
shots from France

Galleries: Chamonix, Cannes, Esterel Massif, Verdon Canyon, Nice, Antibes

photo galleries
Photos of cities in Great Britain
shots from Great Britain
2002-2003 - Great Britain
shots from Great Britain
Four constituent nations form the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). The country is a diverse patchwork of native and immigrant cultures, possessing a fascinating history and dynamic modern culture, both of which remain hugely influential in the wider world. This is well represented in its bustling capital, London, where more than 300 languages are said to be spoken.

Galleries: London, London 2, London 3

photo galleries
Photos of cities in Holland
shots from Holland
2004 - Holland (The Netherlands)
shots from Holland
Europe's most open-minded country is mainly known for its red-lamp districts and its permissive rules concerning drug use. It is a shame, because the Netherlands well deserve the attention for a number of other things. There is so much more to Holland and it is not just the tulips and windmills or the network of canals, but the beautiful countryside and the blend of cultures that characterizes its charming old and modern cities with easy going and well cultured people.

Galleries: Amsterdam, Den Haag (The Hague), Utrecht and Maarsen, Noord Holland

2003-2004 - Hungary

Hungary is welcoming visitors with its rich and varied cuisine, gorgeous wine regions, steamy thermal spas and traditional folk melodies and arts. Its striking capital, Budapest has fine architecture and panoramas matching any famed city in the region. Lake Balaton is ideal for water-lovers, wine enthusiasts will feel at home in Villany or Tokaj, and Hortobagy attracts those seeking traditional Hungarian culture and birding. The Central European country is famous not only for its wines, but spirits (like the strong Palinka) and also for its hospitality.

Galleries: Budapest, Monok, Boldogkő, Szerencs, Budapest 2, Forest and mountains of Buda, Esztergom, Párkány (Sturovo), Börzsöny, Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park, Keszthely, Orfű, Abaliget, Pécs, Balaton, Budapest 3, Debrecen, Balaton 2

2004 - Italy

Italy features romantic Medieval hill towns and unspoilt fishing villages, combines art, history and contemporary fashion with stunning natural landscapes, turquoise waters. Europe's most beautiful stretches of sand, sea and sunshine are found here, while the snow-covered slopes of the Dolomite mountains are a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Visit vineyards and cellars to taste the very best regional wines and to really get away from it all, take a boat to the islands of Sicily or Sardinia to experience rural hospitality in the blissful Mediterranean.

Galleries: Tuscany, Assisi in Umbria, Lake Garda, Verona, Val Ferret, Monte Bianco, Punta Helbronner


05.2003 - Around Ireland

Photos of the streets and buildings of Dublin - Trinity College -, Galway, Limerick and Kilkenny. Images of the Connemara National Park - Letterfrack, Kylemore Abbey -, the Aran islands - Inis Mór -, Glengarriff - Bantry Bay, Bantry House. Scenic landscapes, buildings, churches, celtic cemeteries, architectural details, flowers, birds, sheep, and other domestic animals.

Principality of Monaco

10.2004 - Monaco

photo galleries
Photos of cities in Portugal
shots from Portugal
2005 - Portugal
shots from Portugal
For a small country, the regions of Portugal are greatly varied. The traditional, rural and more tranquil north contrasts the Mediterranean south that is the holiday destination of mainly north Europeans tourists. Nevertheless Portugal offers plenty to experience all around the country. It has stunning architecture, typical tiled buildings and facades, famous churches, excellent food and wine and living traditions.

Galleries: Oporto, Braga, River Douro, Lamego, House of Mateus, Alvao Natural Park, Guimaraes, Amarante


07.2005 - Krivan in High Tatras National Park

Trekking to the summit of mount Krivan to the elevation of 2494 metres in High Tatra mountains, a peak that is a symbol of the sovereignty of the Slovak nation.

Photos of cities in Spain
shots from Spain
2004-2005 - Spain
shots from Spain
Separated by the rest of Europe with the Pyrenees, Spain reaches south down to the coast of North Africa. The country has both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines and two archipelagos, the Balearics and the Canary Islands. Spain's stereotypical images of flamenco dancing, bullfighting gives us an impression of the richness of its cultural heritage. It's major and ancient cities, the great variety of its landscapes and regions, the laid back coastline, its diversity in food and drinks makes the Iberian kingdom an exiting destination.

Galleries: Granada, Ceuta, Torre del Mar, Barcelona, Madrid

image galleries
Royalty-free images of rural areas
shots from Transylvania
2004 - Transylvania
shots from Transylvania
Transylvania, the conserved beauty of former Europe. There are few places on this continent where you can travel and still meet authentic culture like that of the Transylvanians. This land is also caracterized by rough mountains cliffs, mysterious lakes and "virgin" forests.

Galleries: Kolozsvar (Cluj Napoca), Torocko (Rimetea), Marosvasarhely (Tirgu Mures), Bozodujfalu (Bezidu Nou), Bucsin (Bucin), Red Lake (Lacu Rosu), Bekas Gorge (Cheile Bicazului), Szent Anna-to; (Lacul Sfanta Ana), Marefalva (Satu Mare), Korond (Corund), Greek Orthodox Churches

Personal Section

08.2002 - Budapest

Farewell party together with my friends.

2002-2003 - San José

Some personal and miscelenous photos from Costa Rica's capital with shots of an exibition and also including a few treasures of the National Museum. Well sort of...

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