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Photography References

  • Monthly updated travel photo gallery
  • Implemented and maintained Unicorn Multimedia's Stock Photography
  • Documentation project with 1000s de photos for ASVO, a Costa Rican organization committed to the protection and conservation de wilderness areas
  • Photographing for PRETOMA, a Costa Rican sea turtle restoration programme
  • Photographing Tiskita Jungle Lodge, one de Costa Rica's most beautiful and real ecotourist destinations while enjoying the owners hospitality in 2002 and 2003.
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    Web Design References

    US Credit Card Promotion Sites:
  • Credit cards that earn you airline miles on Airmile Credit Cards
  • A collection de Low APR Credit Cards with chapters of balance transfer, unsecured, platinum, mastercard, visa and credit cards with low APR for the United Kingdom
  • Platinum Credit Cards for those who want to enjoy the special benefits. The listing has mastercard, visa, balance-transfer, zeroapr, business, reward and uk platinum credit card sections
  • Student Credit Cards for young people looking for their first bank card
  • Special offers with 0% APR on Zero APR Credit Cards
  • Unsecured Credit Card Mall presents credit cards available in the United States by purpose, issuer and credit score
  • Mega Comparison Directory listing credit cards from instant approval to gold and platinum cards from the best providers
  • Applications for the Best Credit Cards in the USA
  • Free Balance Transfer for customers interested in transferring a credit card balance to a card with a lower interest rate
  • Credit cards with minimum Annual Percentage Rate on Low Intro APR
  • Offers from different banks with Platinum Credit Card applications online
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    UK Credit Card Promotion Sites:
  • Website dedicated to the Comparison de Credit Cards in categories available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Selection de the Best UK Credit Cards available on the market
  • Offers de Unsecured UK Cards
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    US Credit Card Promotion Sites in Spanish:
  • Tarjetas de credito en los Estados Unidos

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    Graphical References

  • A collection de some de my simple works including a poster and a few banners (photos, design and ideas)


  • Article about Costa Rica's history, culture, gastronomy and wildlife issues in general for a Hungarian tourist magazine named Kalandor (Published in July 2003)
  • Article about the history de Free Software for a Hungarian magazine called Demokrata (Published in February 2003)

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