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shots from Nicaragua

12.2002 - Lago de Nicaragua, Isla de Ometepe

Conquering the beautiful Madera and Concepcion volcanoes and their cloud forests. Photographs of local people and the way they live and work. Images of some kids. The beach of Lake Nicaragua.

03.2003 - Granada

Streets and life of the beautiful town at the coast of the Nicaragua Lake. Parque Colón, Cathedral, San Francisco Convent and Church.

02.2004 - Granada, Masaya Volcano and Crater Lake, San Juan del Sur

Streets and churches (Catedral, Iglesia de la Merced, Parque & Iglesia de Xalteva, Iglesia de Guadalupe) of Granada. Laguna de Apoyo, church of Catarina, Lake and the craters of Volcano Masaya, Masaya Market and bus terminal. Tropical sunsets in the bay and harbor of San Juan del Sur.

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10.2005 - Managua

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04.2006 - Granada3

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04.2006 - Matagalpa and Selva Negra

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04.2006 - Ometepe Island, Lake Nicaragua

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