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shots from Panama
Boquete a town in west Panama Royalty-free images

12.2003 - Boquete

A small town nestled in a craggy mountain valley close to Volcano Baru (Volcán Barú) with sparkling River Caldera (Río Caldera) including one photo of "My garden is your garden" (Mi jardín es su jardín).

Photos of Panama's bustling capital Stock photos

01.2004 - Panama City
Panama city the country's modern capital sports an international banking center with skyscrapers and five star hotels, the old city (Panamá la vieja), the old town (Casco Viejo) with it's charming streets and old buildings (Iglesia de la Merced, Catedral/Cathedral), the Balboa Avenue, Statue and Park (Avenida Balboa, Parque Balboa), a harbor with thousands of birds fishing, Church Carmen (Iglesia del Carmen), parks, walking streets and promenades, hand painted buses, views from a hill at the outskirts of the city (Cerro Ancón), the Bridge of the Americas (Puente de las Americas) with traffic and illuminated at night and ships crossing the channel.

Photos of Panama's bustling capital Stock photos

05.2006 - Bocas del Toro

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