Purchasing Photos


The photographs on this website are all royalty free. That is once you purchase them you can use them for whatever publishing or displaying including press, web, packaging etc. There is no restriction on timeframe and on multiple uses either. However you can not pass this right to any other person or legal entity without consulting with the author.


The size of the images vary between 2-6 megapixels, which is a range of 1600x1200 to 3008x2000 pixels. That in 300 DPI makes a 5.34"x4" to 10x6".67" or 135x100mm to 255x170mm printed image. The maximum size in bytes is approximately 1-4 megabytes in a very high quality JPEG format and about 6-17 megabytes in compressed TIFF depending on the particular photo and the need of the customer.


Prices vary depending on the number of ordered photos. Transactions are either processed online with all major credit cards and PayPal cards or by direct bank transfer. Please write a mail before you commence your purchase and you will be sent all details of the online payment. The prices are as follows:

1 photo
US $16.95
2 photos
US $15.95/photo
3 photos
US $14.95/photo
4 photos
US $13.95/photo
5 photos
US $12.95/photo
6 photos
US $11.95/photo
7 photos
US $10.95/photo
8 photos
US $9.95/photo
9 photos
US $8.95/photo
10 photos and above
US $7.95/photo

If you are interested in a greater number of images, need a special quote for financial reasons or in any unusual case please write a mail with more details of your wishes.


The photos are delivered by e-mail or ftp depending on the client's needs. If greater number of images are ordered or in other special cases regular mail is used and images are copied to CDs or DVDs.

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