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Terms & Conditions

Nature Conservationist Organizations

If you wish to use the gallery as a resource, you are of course free to link to it or to any part of it now and in the future.

You might as well copy the images and use them on your website if you do not alter them in any other way than changing their resolution proportionally, provided you let me know which pictures you wish to use and you also send me the location of the site where they would appear. Once they are uploaded I only ask you to give me credits for each of my photos and only for those taken from my site and indicate the source as a link, i.e. the name and the location of the website they were taken from.

Personal Use

For personal use only you may change the pictures, crop them or use any part of them in any way if you provide me a link from your site, preferably from your main or link page or from the one where the image is used.

If you do not intend to use the image for personal web publishing, but for other non-commercial purposes, then you are asked to give me credits indicating the source of the photo in the respective publication and/or a link from your website if you have one.

Commercial Use

You may link to my gallery or any part of it. About other uses please have a look at the prices and delivery information for further details. My photos are directly available on CD/DVD in high resolution and high quality format. Alternatively you can purchase some of my images at photo agencies distributing my work!

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