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Erdély (Transylvania)
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Royalty-free images of rural areas
shots from Transylvania

07.2004 - Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca)

Photos of the buildings of the city including houses and churches both Catholic and Orthodox. View of statues of the Hungarian king Matthias as well as the romanian hero, Avram Jancu.

07-08.2004 - Torockó (Rimetea)

Views of the houses and people of this charming Hungarian village. Photos of the mountains near Torockó as well as the ravine of Torda (Turda). You can find here images of sheeps as well.

07.2004 - Marosvásárhely (Tirgu Mures)

Photos of the town hall as well as Catholic and Orthodox churches in the city. Images of other buildings and streets of this settlement of 160 000 inhabitants.

07.2004 - Bözödújfalu (Bezidu Nou)

Poignant pictures of the Catholic church of Bezidu Nou, the only reminder left after the flooding of this villages of 180 houses under the Ceausescu regime. Photos of the lake as well.

07.2004 - Bucsin (Bucin), Red Lake (Lacu Rosu), Békás-szoros (Cheile Bicazului)

Images of the Red Lake as well as the flora around it. Photos of the mountains in the region inclluding the so called Frog-pass (Cheile Bicazului).

07.2004 - Szent Anna-tó (Lacul Sfânta Ana), Máréfalva (Satu Mare), Korond (Corund)

Images of typical graven gates of Transylvania shot in the village of Satu Mare. Pictures of the merchants selling artefacts in Corund and views of the lake Saint Anne.

07.2004 - Greek Orthodox Churches

Various Orthodox churches of Romania, including temples and cloister near Torockó (Rimetea).

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